Red Velvet Cake

  • Asterisk 10 inch

A classic Red Velvet sponge with all natural colouring and rich cream cheese icing.

We love to celebrate the traditional British classic. From coffee & walnut to naturally coloured Red Velvet there is always a place at our table for a handmade round cake.

Available pre-sliced to 14 portions.

  • Allergens
    • Eggs, 
    • Gluten, 
    • Milk, 
  • Shelf life

    3 day shelf life – Store chilled

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you use artificial colouring?

    We only use 100% natural ingredients in our cakes.  To achieve the vibrant red sponge we use beetroot juice.

    What is the decoration on the cake?

    The decoration we place on top of our cakes is made from crumbled Red Velvet sponge.

    Is your frosting made with buttercream or cream cheese?

    Our frosting is made with fresh Mascarpone cream cheese. We think it beats other sweeter toppings from our competitors.

    Where can I buy your Red Velvet Cake in London?

    You can buy three sizes of our Red Velvet cake for delivery from the website.  We currently only offer this within our London delivery area. We sometimes have slices for sale at our markets.

    What’s the difference between Red Velvet Cake and Chocolate Cake?

    Red Velvet Cake is not a chocolate cake but uses cocoa in its ingredients to give a hint of chocolate flavour and to add to the richness of the sponge colouring.