6 of the best cheesecake flavours for summertime

Fruity cheesecakes are the ultimate summer treat! As the weather gets warmer, there’s something incredibly refreshing about delving into a slice of cheesecake flavoured with a medley of fresh, juicy fruits.

Whether you prefer the burst of tangy sweetness from strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, or more tropical flavours such as mango and passionfruit, fresh fruit perfectly complements a smooth and creamy cheesecake filling.

 What are the best fruity cheesecake flavours for summer?

  1. Lemon cheesecake

Lemon cheesecake incorporates lemon zest and juice to create a refreshing dessert. This popular cheesecake flavour offers the perfect balance between its light and creaming filling and its vibrant lemon citrus flavours.

  1. Strawberry cheesecake

Summer is strawberry season, making them fresher, juicer and even more delicious than usual. The cold, creamy texture mixed with a burst of berry goodness is the perfect indulgent summer treat. The vibrant red colour also adds a bright and summery touch to any dessert table.

  1. Raspberry cheesecake

Raspberry cheesecake is the ultimate summer dessert. The sweetness of the crunchy biscuit base, the creaminess of the velvety filling, and the tangy whole raspberries scattered throughout.

  1. Blueberry cheesecake

Our blueberry cheesecake is a baked blueberry cheesecake with a digestive biscuit base and drizzled in swirls of blueberry coulis. The blueberry coulis adds another burst of colour, flavour, and fruity freshness to the cheesecake, making it a delightful dessert perfect for summer.

  1. Mango cheesecake

The addition of pureed or chopped ripe mangoes infuses the filling with their distinct, tropical flavour. It’s often served topped with a layer of mango puree or coulis for an extra burst of mango goodness.

  1. Passionfruit cheesecake

Our passionfruit cheesecake is a traditional baked cheesecake with a biscuit base and topped with a seeded passionfruit coulis. The tropical passionfruit flavour adds an exotic twist to the classic cheesecake.

Allow your customers to enjoy the sweetness and zest of summer with every heavenly bite of our fruity cheesecakes.