Potato Bun

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Potato Buns  

Our potato buns are incredibly versatile and are the perfect base for your burger or sandwich. Make sure you always have a healthy supply of pre-sliced buns so you’re ready and raring to go as your customers flood in.

Why choose our Potato Buns?

Our demi-brioche potato buns are designed to withstand the juiciest of patties and soaking of sauces. The hybrid of brioche and potato will add a slight sweetness to your dish. It is this unique and indulgent flavour that has made them a popular choice among chefs, bakers and food enthusiasts.

They have the rich and buttery flavour of brioche, but the additional potato mixed into the dough makes for a slightly more substantial bun. This allows them to maintain a light and fluffy texture without going soggy or falling apart. They’re also just the right size to offer the perfect bun-to-filling ratio.

Here for your convenience, you can save time slicing with our potato buns, available for delivery in London.

Where to buy potato buns?

 We’d love to be your potato bun supplier! Simply sign up online now and have freshly made potato buns delivered wholesale straight to you. Find out more about how it works.



Are these potato buns available pre-sliced?

Yes, our potato buns are available pre-sliced.

Are these available nationwide?

Sorry, our potato buns are only available for delivery in London currently.

  • Allergens
    • Eggs, 
    • Gluten, 
    • Milk, 
  • Shelf life

    1 day fresh, 12 months frozen

  • FAQs

    Are these available pre-sliced?
    Yes these buns are available pre-sliced

    Are these available nationwide?
    Sorry, these are only available within London currently!