What is a Cronut?

What is a Cronut?

What is a Cronut then? Well a Cronut is one of the most talked about baked inventions of the past year. Made famous in New York with people queuing for their chance to buy one from the early hours of the morning, the cronut craze is not over. If you haven’t heard about the short history of the Cronut, they can be most easily described as a croissant/donut hybrid.

It’s believed this is a revolution in pastry making, pastry and deep frying have never been easy and the process of making a cronut is extremely lengthy, sometimes taking up to three days!

Many bakeries all over the world have tried to recreate the idea of layers of flaky crossiant-like pastry with the sugary coating of a donut and here at galeta, we’ve jumped on the bandwagon and developed a recipe of our own. It’s taken us months to perfect our recipe at our London bakery, but now finished, we really believe that these are the best cronuts available in London. Keep an eye on our blog for our upcoming blog post about how to get hold of them!

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