Valentine's Day treats

Valentine's Day treats

Roses are Roses,
Brownies are Brownies,
I love you my Valentiney

Okay, poetry may not be our forte but it's worth a shot. Now whether you love it or hate it, Valentine's day is fast approaching and our little cupids have been busy in the kitchen preparing the ultimate tasty treats.

At Galeta, we love the day of love, particularly in the office. We've got heart balloons on the wall, pictures of dogs with hearts on their face and a whole white board dedicated to the day. If it isn't Valentines related, we just aren't interested. But in all seriousness, It is a great day to indulge your amore with a little cake or two. Now I know you can't wait to hear what's on offer and as we love you all, here is our valentines treats to pick from.

Our red velvet cupcakes have dressed up for the occasion. Decorated with a cream cheese frosting and red candy hearts, they're not only delicious but pretty as a picture. 

Our Champagne, Rosewater and Lavender macarons are all kitted out and ready to go. 

Our award winning brownies are heart shaped and "love-ly". 

Valentines  . . .    DONE!!

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