Macaroons vs Macarons? The Galeta Guide

Macaroons vs Macarons? The Galeta Guide

Who knew baking could be so confusing? You may have heard of the French born macaron but have you confused it with the other more coconut-based macaroon? The only difference in spelling may be just one individual ’o ’ but actually, they’re two very different (especially in looks) sweet treats.

Macaroons are denser, and loaded with coconut and often topped with a glacé cherry or dipped in chocolate. Here at Galeta, we’re more partial to the French born, Macaron, made from egg whites and sugar, these baby delights are much prettier and are two halves sandwiched together with a sticky filling and ours come in 12 different flavours. Whether you like something sweet like our caramel or chocolate macarons, or something more delicate such as rosewater or lavender, we have macarons to suit all tastes. You can order them from our website for London next day delivery or delivery in the rest of the UK, check out our website for more details.

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