How to cut a cake perfectly

How to cut a cake perfectly

Most of us don't give a second thought to science when slicing into a cake. In 1906, however, a British mathematician did just that. Sir Francis Galton wrote to the journal Nature concerning the scientific principles of cake-cutting. After extensively studying this important task he wrote in his letter, entitled "Cutting a Round Cake on Scientifc Principles", that “the ordinary method of cutting out a wedge is very faulty”.

So what was he talking about. Well the classic and "faulty" way of cutting a cake is to segment it, almost like a pie chart. The problem with this method is that if you don't finish the cake in one sitting (who doesn't?!) then the exposed sponge edges of the cake become dry overnight. This is not ideal, after all you want to make sure you get to enjoy every last crumb of cake...especially a Galeta cake.

Watch the video by maths enthusiasts Numberphile and discover how Galton devised an alternative, scientific, method that ensured that the cake sponge always stays lovely and moist, even if you don't devour it with your friends in one go.

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